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Lake of the Woods Fishing                                                                      

Are you up for even more adventure? Try a fly out or portage to a remote lake to fish where very few people have ever been! The fish are huge and plentiful, the scenery is pristine and the memories will be treasured for years to come! Our Portages are reserved on private lakes, just for Totem Resorts guests. For a fly out fishing day, your very own private float plane will pick you up right on our docks and you’ll see Lake of the Woods from a whole new perspective before being dropped off at a remote lake with your guide for an amazing fishing experience.

To ensure that your fishing trip will be a success, guide service is available to maximize your experience on the Lake. Our Fishing Guides are experts on Lake of the Woods, since they are on it every day from the Spring break-up until Winter freeze-up. Many of our guides have grown up on the lake and have been passionate about fishing since they were kids. Other guides have dreamed about fishing professionally on Lake of the Woods for years and have undergone years of apprenticeship with senior guides. All of them are proud to be professional guides. From baiting your hook, to netting your fish, to passing you a cold drink; our guides are at your service. Not only can they put you on fish, they are excellent cooks too! After an afternoon of reeling in fish after fish, they will take you to a private island on the lake, start up a fire, fillet your fresh fish and cook you a shorelunch to remember!